With a range and speed that are without peer, not to mention one of the most advanced avionics suite in the private aviation industry, it comes as no surprise that the G150® has become one of the most sought after jets—with some of the lowest operating costs—in the midsize category. Equipped with the safety enhancing Gulfstream PlaneView® cockpit and powered by fuel-efficient TFE731-40AR engines, the G150 has been obliterating speed records since prototype testing began in 2006. The generously proportioned, oval shaped cabin can seat up to eight passengers and provides passengers with a good deal of shoulder, head, and legroom.

Long Range CruiseMach 0.75
MmoMach 0.85
Normal CruiseMach 0.80
Range at LRC3,000 nm / 5,556 km
Range at Normal Cruise2,600 nm / 4,815 km
Takeoff Distance (MTOW, SL, ISA)5,000 ft / 1,524 m
Basic Operating15,100 lbs / 6,849 kg
Maximum Fuel10,300 lbs / 4,672 kg
Maximum Landing21,700 lbs / 9,843 kg
Maximum Payload2,400 lbs / 1,090 kg
Maximum Payload/Full Fuel850 lbs / 386 kg
Maximum Ramp26,250 lbs / 11,907 kg
Maximum Takeoff26,100 lbs / 11,839 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel17,500 lbs / 7,938 kg
Engine TypeHoneywell TFE731-40AR
Thrust Rating4,420 lbs / 19.66 kN (each)
Typical Passenger Payload4 passengers
Total Interior Length17 ft 8 in / 5.38 m
Cabin Length17 ft 8 in / 5.38 m
Interior Height5 ft 9 in / 1.75 m
Interior Width5 ft 9 in / 1.75 m
Cabin Volume465 cu ft / 13.16 cu m
Baggage Volume (Gross)80 cu ft / 2.26 cu m
Exterior Height19 ft, 1 in / 5.82 m
Exterior Length56 ft, 9 in / 17.30 m
Wingspan55 ft, 7 in / 16.94 m
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