Legacy 600

Boasting a a high payload capacity, steep approach, and high altitude take off capabilities, not to mention the largest cockpit, cabin, and walk-in baggage compartment in the heavy jet category, the Legacy 600 is something of an over achiever. Powered by fuel-efficient Rolls Royce AE3007A1E high-bypass, turbofan engines, the 600 can seat up to 13 passengers for a range of 3,700 nautical miles. The spacious cabin (1,413 cubic feet) employs state-of-the-art technology at every turn; high-speed internet, WIFI, 17-inch flat screen monitors, DVD players, LED lighting, and an expansive galley which can be customized to feature a refrigerator, oven, and even a wine chiller

Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach)Mach 0.80
Cruising SpeedMach 0.80
Takeoff Distance5,614 ft (1,711 m)
Unfactored Landing Distance2,685 ft (818 m)
Altitude41,000 ft (12,497 m)
Range(nm)3,400 nm
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