Lineage 1000

Embraer’s much storied Lineage 1000, the largest executive jet in the Embraer fleet, with a range of 4,500 nautical miles, was launched in 2006. The crème de la crème of executive jet travel, the lavish interior, surpassed in available space only by 737 and A319 conversions, can be separated into five distinct living/work spaces. Ultra-luxe configurations include a bedroom and a walk-in cargo area. Eight passengers can be seated in a standard configuration while high density configurations can seat up to 19 passengers. But, where the Lineage 1000 really distinguishes itself is its operational flexibility. Showcasing the latest fly-by-wire technology, the Lineage is one of just a handful of heavy business jets capable of operating out of New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, and one of only two full size jets certified to land at London’s highly convenient City Airport.

Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach)Mach 0.82
High-Speed Cruise472 kt (874 km/h)
TOFL6,076 ft (1,852 m)
Landing Distance2,450 ft (747 m)
Maximum Operating Altitude41,000 ft (12,497 m)
Range(nm)4,600 nm (8,519 km)
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