Falcon 5X

Scheduled to enter service in 2017, the Falcon 5X is Dessault aviation’s most ambitious private jet to date. Promising to be one of the most fuel efficient ultra­long­range jets on the market, it will boast a short­field capability more common to smaller jets. Falcon’s first clean sheet design in a decade, the 5X will sport the most sophisticated fly­by­wire system and super fuel­efficient Silvercrest engines that will produce 50 percent less emissions on shorter journeys. When it comes to in­flight comfort, the 5X offers an unmatched cabin height of six­foot, six­inches, and a much wider cabin than previous Falcon iterations. Naturally illuminated by 28 of the largest windows ever fitted on a business jet, the 25.3­foot­long cabin will be comprised of three distinct living/work spaces, including club quarters, a conference section, and a separate lounge that allows for full berthing on overnight flights. High design, ultra comfy, ‘sculpted’ seats will be fitted with individual seat monitors and enable WIFI connectivity for personal electronic devices.

External Length82.6 ft
External Height24.6 ft
External Wing span85.11 ft
Internal Length38.7 ft
Internal Width102.00 in
Maximum headroom78.00 in
Cabin volume1,766.00 cu ft
Maximum takeoff weight69,600 lb
Maximum zero fuel weight43,500 lb
Maximum fuel28,200 lb
Maximum landing weight66,100 lb
ManufacturerSafran Snecma
Nbr/Type2 x Silvercrest
SL-ISA Thrust11,450 lb
Flat rated toISA+15°C
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