Citation XLS+

With the design of the XLS+, Cessna aimed to take business jet comforts to new heights, and succeeded. Boasting the largest cabin in its class, the XLS+ feels more like a living room in the sky than an executive jet cabin. A dropped aisle design allows for 68 inches of height, and there’s sufficient girth to accommodate six, extra wide, fully reclining seats and a large, rather posh lavatory and galley. But where the XLS+ really shines is in its performance enhancing technology. One of the fastest Citation corporate jets in operation, the XLS+ is fitted with improved Pratt & Whitney PW545C engines and the Collins Pro Line 21 digital copilot. There’s also a comprehensive weather detection system and a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) which monitors aircraft within a 35-mile radius. The XLS’s excellent short takeoff and landing performance is due, in no small measure, to its straight-wing design.

Maximum Cruise Speed441 ktas
Seating Capacity9
Useful Load7,540 lb
Takeoff Distance3,560 ft
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