King Air 250

Praised for its tremendous versatility, sophisticated interior, and the best safety record in its class, the King Air 250 ranks as one of the world’s most popular executive aircrafts. Fitted with new composite winglets and propellers, the King Air 250 effortlessly negotiates short, remote runways; it can take off in less than 2,200 feet at sea level, regardless of the conditions. Despite the jet’s impressive 1,610 nautical mile range and cruising speed of 325 miles per hour, the King Air 250 delivers one of the lowest performance-to-operating cost ratios in the executive jet industry. The spacious, oval-shaped cabin is handsome indeed, with handcrafted furnishings and ergonomic seats.

Seating Configuration StandardMetric
TypePT6A-52 PT6A-52
Power Rating850 shp 634 kW
Wingspan57 ft 11 in 17.65 m
External Length43 ft 10 in 13.36 m
External Height14 ft 10 in 4.52 m
Internal Length16 ft 8 in 5.08 m
Internal Width4 ft 6 in 1.37 m
Internal Height4 ft 9 in 1.45 m
Baggage Capacity55.3 cu.ft 1.6 cu.m
Max Baggage Weight550 lb 249 kg
Max Ramp Weight12,590 lb 5,711 kg
Max Takeoff Weight12,500 lb 5,670 kg
Max Zero Fuel Weight11,000 lb 4,990 kg
Max Landing Weight12,500 lb 5,670 kg
Useable Fuel Capacity3,645 lb 1,653 kg
Basic Operating Weight*8,780 lb 3,982 kg
Max Payload2,220 lb 1007 kg
Useful Load3,810 lb 1,728 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed310 kt 574 km/h
Range: Max Payload344 nm 637 km
Range: Full Fuel/Available Payload1,582 nm 2,930 km
Range: 4 Passengers1,184 nm 2,193 km
Range: Ferry1,610 nm 2,982 km
Max Operating Altitude35,000 ft 10,668 m
Take-off Distance (MTOW)2,111 ft 643 m
Landing Distance (MLW)2,845 ft 867 m
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