Falcon 2000LXS

An agile performer, Dessault’s new Falcon 2000LXS delivers a stellar 4,000 nautical mile range and provides unparalleled access to short airfields that require dizzyingly steep approaches. Powered by fuel efficient Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C turbofans, the 2000LXS has a range of 4,000 nautical miles and can land at 90% of its maximum takeoff weight, which is huge in terms of minimizing operating costs. Falcons are known for their ergonomic, highly functional cabins and, with the 2000XLS, Dessault has truly raised the bar. Not only is it two decibels quieter than its predecessor, but it also showcases the FalconCabin HD+, a sophisticated cabin management system that features HD audio/video on demand, 22 inch screens, and enhanced in-flight connectivity.

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