Hawker 1000

Hawker jets excel when it comes to cabin comfort and the twin engine Hawker 1000 is no exception. Fitted with more windows than the Hawker 800 (seven per side, as opposed to six), the 1000 sports a 24.3-foot-long fuselage which comfortable seats up to nine passengers. Refurbished Hawker cabins feature microwave ovens, LED lighting, HD entertainment systems with individual monitors, cordless satellite phone headsets, and crucial noise-dampening cabin insulation (which reduces interior noise by a no mean four decibels). As it relates to performance, the Hawker 1000 is a dependable workhorse, highly praised for its reliability and endurance. Technological improvements include new Pratt and Whitney Canada PW305 turbofan engines (the same engines used for the Falcon 2000 and Gulfstream G200 models) which incorporate full-authority digital engine control technology (FADEC) to minimize fuel consumption and maximize thrust.

Cruising Speed (mph)490 mph
Luggage Capacity65 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.8 ft.
Interior Width6.0 ft.
Interior Length24.3 ft.
Passengers8 ~ 9 people
8-9 people3,400 st.m.
Price$3,500 ~ $3,700
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