Citation Sovereign

The Citation Sovereign has more girth than most midsize category executive jets. A perfect choice for longer journeys, the Sovereign’s upgraded avionics deliver a 2,820 mile range (that’s up to six hours of flight time) at very competitive prices. When it comes to baggage capacity, the Sovereign exceeds all other jets in its class, with some 100 cubic feet of space that provides ample room for oversize luggage and sporting accoutrements, including skis, snowboards, and golf clubs. The Citation Excel’s cabin has been stretched to just under 19 feet for the Sovereign iteration and the extra space is well utilized with recessed seats (to provide a larger aisle), hi-tech entertainment systems, and a compact galley which allows for light meal preparation or an additional workspace. The all-glass flight deck with intuitive touch screen controls, powered by Garmin G5000TM avionics, provides pilots with phenomenal situational awareness.

Cruising Speed (mph)513 mph
Luggage Capacity100 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.8 ft.
Interior Width5.7 ft.
Interior Length18.6 ft.
Passengers8 people
Range (smi)2,820 st.m.
Price$3,600 ~ $4,100
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