Learjet 60/60 XR

With its acquisition of Learjet in 1990, Bombardier responded to its client’s demands for greater cabin space and improved range. Between 1990 and 2004, some 300 Learjet 60s hit the market featuring a stretched fuselage (which allows for one extra passenger) and revamped seats that promote superior comfort on coast-to-coast trips. The 55s’ range was boosted to an impressive 2,613 miles, well above the average for a midsize jet. In 2005, Bombardier rolled out the latest generation XR class, which features the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 (four-screen, glass panel) avionics suites. The swanky new cabin showcases polished cabinetry, plush upholstery, and a redesigned lavatory. A reconfigured galley positioned between the passengers and the cabin door acts as a most welcome noise buffer, and generates even more work and leisure space.

Cruising Speed (mph)522 mph
Luggage Capacity55 cu.ft.
Interior Height5.8 ft.
Interior Width5.9 ft.
Interior Length17.7 ft.
Passengers6 ~ 8 people
Range (cmi)2,613 st.m.
Price$3,000 ~ $3,200
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