Global 7000

Scheduled for delivery in 2016, the Global 7000 promises to create a true ‘at home’ in-flight experience. The first four-zone cabin on the market, that will feature a separate dining area and private stateroom, the 7000 will provide 20 percent more living space (11 feet longer) than the previous generation Global 6000. As the Global 7000 aircraft is still under development, the design is subject to change but current projections indicate that the aircraft will be powered by next-generation General Electric Passport 20 engines and will reach a cruising speed of Mach 0.90 for a range of 7,300 nautical miles (that’s non stop from London to Singapore, New York to Moscow, Shanghai to Washington). Bombardier claims that the Global 700 will be unmatched when it comes to fuel efficiency and carbon footprint.

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