Challenger 601

Built for serious globetrotting, the full size Challenger 601 jet features the 300′s unusually wide fuselage (the cabin width is 8.2 feet) enhanced with a range of technological upgrades. Powered by two Honeywell 502 high bypass turbofan engines, each capable of 7,500-lb. of thrust, the 601 boasts a range of 2,800 miles which can be increased to 3,200 miles (a record for Canadair when the jet was first delivered in 1980) when fitted with an optional fuel tank. Standard cabin configurations seat for nine or 10 passengers, but high density configurations can seat up to 16. An intelligently designed interior maximizes passenger space and boosts natural light. With all the requisite high-tech amenities and superior noise cancelation technology, the 601′s cabin exudes the plush functionality of a penthouse suite.

Cruising Speed (mph)528 mph
Luggage Capacity115 cu.ft.
Interior Height6.1 ft.
Interior Width8.2 ft.
Interior Length28.5 ft.
Passengers9 ~ 10 people
Range (cmi)3,200 st.m.
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