Global 6000

Bombardier’s latest ultra-long-range iteration is a beauty with serious brawn. With a $59 million price tag, the Global 6000 is quite simply in a class of its own. Linking the world’s leading financial centers with its awesome 6,000 nautical mile range at a speed of Mach .88, the Global 6000 empowers the world’s elite business leaders to attend a meeting in London in the morning and arrive in New York in time for lunch. The cockpit is a pilot’s dream. The Global Vision Flight Deck, one of the most advanced avionics systems in the world, integrates intuitive flat-panel displays with uncompromising safety systems. The cabin is the largest in its class, almost a foot wider than the competition, allowing up to 14 passengers to be surrounded by five-star hotel amenities and comfort, including HD displays, Blu-ray, and high-speed Internet. There are three environment zones, a private stateroom with a full lavatory and shower, and a sleek, spacious galley. And, with superior noise cancellation, the Global 6000 ranks as one of the quietest aircraft on the market.

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