Boeing 767

Since its inaugural flight in 1982, the Boeing 767 jet family has flown more than 16.2 million flights. In 1985, the 767 became the first twin-engined aircraft to be granted FAA approval for extended overseas flights. Renowned for its long range, the 767 makes more Atlantic trips than any other aircraft. Despite its narrow fuselage, the 767′s high density configuration can seat up to 300 passengers (one of the highest in its class), while customized 767 iterations are typically redesigned to seat around 50 passengers. Thoughtfully conceived interiors are perfectly suited to everything from company road shows to corporate events, international sports tournaments, or multinational forums. Cabin space is judiciously allocated for business seminars, entertainment, and relaxation. Reclining seats, a bar/dining area, and swanky bathrooms bring versatility, comfort, and convenience to the transatlantic experience.

Cruising Speed (mph)521 mph
Luggage Capacity640 cu.ft.
Interior Height7.0 ft.
Interior Width11.5 ft.
Interior Length79.3 ft.
PassengersUp to 300 people
Range (smi)6,800 st.m.
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