Boeing 747

The iconic, new generation Boeing 747 is one of the world’s fastest commercial jetliners. A doyen of long haul travel, the 747 is the heavy jet of choice for large corporations and government agencies attracted by its colossal cabin, strong performance, outstanding safety record, and custom amenities. With its tremendous girth, the 747 can transport up to 660 passengers in a double deck configuration, to provide alluring economies of scale. The new 400 series features an increased wing span, more powerful engines, and avant-garde entertainment systems.

Cruising Speed (mph)521 mph
Luggage Capacity640 cu.ft.
Interior Height7.0 ft.
Interior Width11.5 ft.
Interior Length79.3 ft.
PassengersUp to 400 people
Range (smi)6,800 st.m.
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