The cornerstone upon which luxury air jet is founded

Every private jet that Zephyr jet™ utilizes, as well as each member of every flight crew, is subject to the most stringent screening in the industry. All U.S.-based aircraft possess at least a Gold Rating from the Aircraft Research Group/US®, with equivalent ratings required for non-U.S.-based aircraft. Each aircraft is FAR Part 135 and 91 regulated and required to carry a log detailing its entire maintenance history.

Each jet is piloted by two pilots – both of which are certified and type rated for the aircraft they are flying and have a minimum of 3500 hours of flight time (including 1000 hours of cross-country time, 100 of which must have taken place at night). In addition, all pilots are required to hold an of Airline Transport Certificate instrument rating within the Airplane category.

Not only do strict rules exist governing the maintenance of our operator′s aircraft and who may fly them, aircraft size, airport facilities, and runway length are all factored into the safety equation. No jet chartered by Zephyr jet™ may land on a runway less than 5,000 feet long and no aircraft may operate at any airport that hasn′t been certified for that type craft′s use by the FAA.


Place of mind, the ultimate luxury.

With Zephyr jet™, you choose whom you and your family travel with. More importantly, you have the security of knowing that every passenger who has flown on the aircraft before you has been screened by comprehensive TSA standards. The TSA requires the full legal names of all passengers. All passengers over the age of 18 must present valid, government issued photo ID prior to boarding the aircraft. If such identification is not presented, boarding is denied. Passengers under the age of 18 must be identified by the lead passenger. Zephyr jet™ agents work with local and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure full compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to aviation security.

Crewmembers are required to display their Company issued photo identification badge, at waist level or above, when on or in the vicinity of the aircraft. In addition, all crewmembers are required to carry valid government issued photo identification while on flight status.All aircraft are locked and secured when crewmembers are absent from the plane. All passengers are escorted from the FBO to the aircraft by a crewmember.

No detail is left to chance. In addition to these standard safety procedures, Zephyr jet™ can provide, at your request, armed or unarmed security details to further ensure the safety of you and your family.


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