Have you considered purchasing a card or membership with prepaid flight hours?

Flexibility, convenience and simplicity are inherent premises to the Skycard Programs offered by Zephyr Jets. If your private jet travel needs have increased to the point that it is time to explore and analyze the benefits of our programs, we invite you to review the advantages and options they offer.


The benefits

  • Two (2) “pay only when you need to travel” programs tailored to the specific itineraries and requirements of each client.
  • Concierge services and support staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Financial liquidity.
  • Security protocols.
  • The most competitive prices in the private aviation industry.
  • Access to the most modern and all types of Private Jets and Helicopters.
  • No long-term commitments or contracts, membership fees or additional and unexpected charges.
  • Periodic offers and cash discounts as well as the opportunity to travel in superior jets in value and capacity when available.

SkyCard. Debit Card Program

How does it work? It is a program with pre-paid flight times which are used when required and with the flexibility to choose the type of jet of your choice.

Ideal for: clients who value independence, flexibility and an expedited response. Zephyr Jets offers a variety of jets and multiple destination airports with no restrictions or additional charges.

Skycard. Card Program

How does it work? The Skycard card program offers substantial benefits and benefits for frequent travelers who use the same route and type of jet. With this program, Zephyr Jets designs a special account defining the total number of hours flight and the jet according to route and election. At the same time, the customer has the freedom to request a different type of jet when required without additional charges for jet change. With a simple call to Zephyr Jets, our executives adjust their program and use the balance of prepaid hours in their Skycard card applying it to the cost of the trip with alternative destination or deferent type of jet.

Zephyr Jets The Competition
No ground hold or wait time fees Wait time and ground is charged for anything over 60 minutes
No cancellation fees, 100% refundable Penalties for cancellation of the card
No overnight fees Overnight fees on all flights that apply
One CUSTOMIZED program built around your travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations and aircraft preferences. Different program levels
Over 31 aircraft types to choose from! Limited aircraft to choose from (some programs, only offer 3 aircraft)
A Simple & straightforward program, it’s the hourly rate multiplied by the number of emplaned hours plus FET tax or international fees, which ever applies. Confusing programs, unpredictable pricing, high demand time surcharges, hourly fuel surcharges, penalties and cancelation fees, higher pricing applies to all of the hourly rates.
ON-DEMAND Available in as little as 3 hours. 24 hour notice preferred for Round Trip itineraries, and 48 hour notice preferred for One-Way itineraries Fine print and red tape in every jet card program we analyzed, some programs even require a 5 day notice for any itinerary.
At Zephyr Jets Round trip is defined as start & return in 48 hours or less. Competitors Round trip is defined as start & return in 12 hours or less
Rates are locked for life of jet card balance Rates adjust upward at least twice a year.
Special Catering and car services are arranged by us and billed to you at the actual cost. Hourly surcharge applies to additional hours used over your initial balance or hour allotment.


Zephyr SkyCar Jet Card Program Fractional Ownership
Aircraft Interchange
You may have a variety of trip needs that would best suited by different aircrafts . You may require a turbo prop to access a remote airport with a small runway that may not be accessible  by a jet.  Or 2 people traveling= light jet, 10 people, large cabin aircraft, etc,.
With Fractional ownership, you are committed to the specific aircraft type you purchased for the term of your ownership, usually 5 years
Use as much or as little as you want, whenever you want from where ever you want You have a set number of hours of usage and you can not go over your hours without incurring a financial penalty
No asset to purchase, no financial risk and no big upfront cost Huge upfront fees
5 year commitment to travel volume!
Non-refundable with out incurring a huge financial penalty.
Asset risk / exit fees
Travel when you want to. Rigid scheduling
No management fees Monthly management fees, which will continue regardless of your usage
No deadheads or repositions fees Reposition fees, deadhead fees
No red tape or fine print Lots of Red tape and fine print
Secure funds – All Deposits go into segregated account – earning interest with monthly bank statements mailed.
100% refundable any time
No expiration date, no hourly adjustments
Locked hourly rates for the life of the card
Cancellation Fees
Rate adjustments twice a year.
Rates will continue to fluctuate, no predictability in pricing.
Hourly surcharges apply to all flights


Zephyr JetsSky Card Benefits
DEPOSITO: $100,000
(up to $500 per trip)