Introducing Niagra Falls

Astride the border between Canada and the United States, there’s something formidable, potent, and awe inspiring about Niagara. Eleanor Roosevelt may have dismissed Niagara as a bath faucet and, sure enough, there are certainly more impressive waterfalls when it comes to height and beauty, but for utter magnitude and the sheer velocity of the water that plunges into the chasm below, Niagara’s spectacle is euphoric. In the popular imagination, Niagara exudes an old school glamor, a bucket list trip for every baby boomer, and a storied honeymoon destination since Marilyn and Niagara formed an indelible brand match in the 1953 thriller-film noir, Niagara. When it comes to wide-angle vistas, Canada certainly rules the day. Sadly, in recent years Niagara has morphed into a smutty landscape of cheap motels, tacky tourist shops, and fast food diners—no surprise that Niagara now sports the infamous moniker of ‘Viagra Falls’. On the upside, multi million dollar investment has led to increased gentrification in the downtown area with a crop of galleries, arty coffee shops, and high-end bistros redefining the formerly dilapidated area around Queen Street.

Airports within a 50-mile radius of Niagra Falls:

  • Niagara Falls International Airport  (IAG)

Popular aircraft charters* in the Niagra Falls area include:

*This is just a sample. Zephyr provides access to aircraft at every end of the spectrum, from luxurious VIP airliners, to ultra long range business jet, helicopters, and economical turboprops.