Private Jet Charter Specials

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Private Jet Specials

With Zephyr Jets’ comprehensive expert charter specialist and their database of empty leg flights, cost-effective, private jet travel between the world’s iconic capital cities, business hubs, and cultural centers has never been easier or more luxurious. Our highly advanced reservation systems provide clients with up-to-the-minute empty leg availability across an extensive city pair network at unbeatable prices. Regardless if you are working on a Round Trip , Oneway charter. We source and look to provider a true point-to-point pricing structure, with empty leg prices that are consistently 60 per cent lower than standard fares. If your private jet itinerary is revolving around remote airports and for roadshows that require planning to utilize airports and an aircraft that is custom tailored for your specific itinerary to ensure that we are able to use airports and to ensure that safety and the best airports are being used to save you time and money. Through our strong industry partnerships and our close ties with executive airports around the globe, we are able to present a variety of scheduling options to best meet our clients’ needs. Zephyr Jets’ expert reservations team provide clients with independent advice and exceptional logistical support to ensure that we maximize your most valuable assets—time and money. Our highly skilled concierge team works relentlessly to ensure that each client’s personal travel requirements are fulfilled, from hotel reservations to car transfers to an in-flight gourmet chef. From the Cessna Citation series to the Gulfstream 650, Zephyr offers the finest aircraft in the industry, complete with VIP bells and whistles to make your flight productive and pleasurable in equal measure.

We provide private jet charters at various key locations in the following regions:

USA Calls: 888 4423131 | Direct & International : 212 561 5500

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