Moscow to Frankfurt

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With more than 50,000 companies based in Frankfurt, it’s no surprise that empty leg seats from Moscow to Germany’s financial metropolis are among our most popular empty leg seats. With a consistent, point-to-point pricing structure and exceptional logistical support from our aviation experts on the ground to ensure a smooth, stress free, and productive flight, the Zephyr Jets team helps to keep today’s CEOs and trailblazing executives at the pinnacle of business.

Average duration   3 hours
Aircraft type Midsize, super midsize, or heavy jet
Private jet options* Gulfstream IV, Gulfstream 450, Falcon 900, Challenger 604, Challenger 300, Citation X, Citation Sovereign, Citation Excel, Hawker 900XP
Moscow airports   Domodedovo International Airport (UUDD, 26 miles from downtown Moscow); Sheremetyevo International Airport (UUEE, 18 miles from downtown Moscow); Vnukovo International Airport (UUWW, 17 miles from downtown Moscow)
Geneva airport Geneva International Airport (LSGG, 2.5 miles from Geneva center)
Frankfurt Airports Frankfurt International Airport (EDDF, 7 miles from downtown Frankfurt); Frankfurt Hahn Airport (EDFH, 12 miles from downtown Frankfurt); Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (EDFE, 11 miles from downtown Frankfurt)

USA Calls – (888) 442-3131 / Direct and International – (212) 561-5500