What does Zephyr Jets do?

We cater to individual, government, and commercial clients around the world, addressing all of their business and leisure travel needs. What makes Zephyr Jets different from other air charter companies? First and foremost is the unparalleled quality of people we hire and work with. Second, we deliver the Full Luxury Jet Experience. A unique approach to delivering the finest service available in the industry. No detail, however small, and no need, however great, is ever overlooked from wheels-up to wheels-down. Our own concierge or a member of our sales team will meet you at the airport. Whether it’s armed security, a private chef, or a nanny, Zephyr Jets can deliver. Simply put, one phone call provides you access to a host of unparallel services. Zephyr Jets is on the cutting edge of safety in the charter aviation industry. For more information, please visit www.zephyrjets.com or call 1-.212-561-5500